Rockall Regional 2013-14

Rockall Regional 2013 & 2014, West of Hebrides

This regional 2D survey of approximately 5000 line km in the frontier UK Rockall Basin, offshore the NW coast of Scotland, was acquired by SeaBird in partnership with GeoPartners and DownUnder GeoSolutions, in 2013 & 2014.

The 2013 initial reconnaissance program achieved a step change in data quality over existing legacy data and paved the way for a comprehensive second phase, which was acquired during July and August 2014. This survey represents the first significant data acquisition in this area for more than a decade and was supported by substantial industry pre-funding.


  • Streamer Length: 12,000 m

  • Cable Depth: Broadband

  • Source Volume: 6300

  • Source Depth: Broadband

  • Record Length: 14 sec continuous recording


  • Pre-Stack Time Migrated Stacks

  • Angle Stacks

  • Gathers


  • GeoPartners

  • DUG

  • TGS

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