About GPL

GeoPartners Limited is an established international geophysical consultancy operating from our headquarters in London's Mayfair, specialising in the creation, acquisition, marketing and financing of Multi-Client Projects and whose principals (see below) are highly experienced seismic industry professionals with a proven track record of establishing and developing new companies and business models in a wide range of commercial environments. Over thirty MC projects have been completed to date since we were founded in 2009, partnering with some of the geophysical industry's leading companies such as CGG, Polarcus, Seabird, TGS etc and using the latest available technology to ensure the highest possible quality standards. We are especially proud of our relationships with, and support from, our African Ministry and National Oil Company partners.

Our focus is on the following business opportunities:-

  • Initiating, developing, promoting and marketing multi-client seismic surveys, 2D and 3D, onshore and offshore

  • Quality control and Project Management of multiclient surveys from survey design, technical specification, crew selection, HSE auditing, permitting, supervision of day-to-day operations, selection of processing contractor and control of the workflows to ensure the highest quality final products

  • Provide technical and commercial evaluation support to oil companies wishing to apply for new exploration acreage in open or closed Licensing Rounds, and to assist with any subsequent farm-out negotiations

  • Provide consultancy services to National Oil Companies to allow them to better manage and coordinate their relationships with seismic contractors to ensure unity of purpose

  • Collaborate with smaller oil companies and financial investors to best utilise and monetise the value of any seismic spend committed or already incurred, and assist with planning of any new seismic projects

  • Develop new business models to maximise the value created from properly planned and executed seismic surveys, using the latest technology and highest quality standards

Activity to Date

  • 22 Multi-Client Projects (of which 21 were 3D) completed with Polarcus in UK, Ireland, Norway and West Africa. Database subsequently sold to TGS.

  • Agreement with CGG for developing “Lodestone” Quad 44 3D Multi-Client Project in the U.K. Gas Basin. 3 Phases completed.

  • Agreement with Seabird for 2D Multi-Client projects. Six projects completed in Namibia, U.K. Rockall and the 2018 Southern North Sea Deep Imaging survey.

  • Cooperation Relationship with MAGE. Acquired 5130 km Broadband 2D in partnership with MAGE in North Celtic Sea/St Georges Channel Ireland.

  • Agreement with BGP for 3D Multi-Client projects. Broadband 3D acquisition on the AGC Central Block.

  • Brokered 2D and 3D seismic surveys for AGC.

  • 21 well Interactive Rock Physics & Seismic Response Atlas with Rock Solid Images in the Orange Basin offshore South Africa.

  • Exclusive Multi-Client Agreements with both Petroguin (Guinea Bissau) and AGC for 3D Multi-Client surveys, with 6 3D Projects completed to date.

  • Exclusive Multi-Client Agreement with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Gambia for 3D Multi-Client surveys, with 1 3D Project completed to date.

  • Exclusive Multi-Client Agreement with Petrosen Senegal for 2D surveys, 12000 km completed to date.

  • Partnership with TGS for 2D Multi-Client surveys in Gambia, AGC, Guinea Bissau, Republic of Guinea, 25,000 km completed to date.

  • Partnership with TGS for the 3D Jaan Multi-Client survey in Senegal, Gambia, AGC and Guinea Bissau. 28,000 sq. km now complete.

  • With our partner company Bissau Exploration Limited, operatorship of block 4B offshore Guinea Bissau, responsible for 3D acquisition, interpretation, promotion and farm-out in partnership with Petroguin

  • Exclusive Multi-Client Agreement with the Petroleum Directorate Sierra Leone for a 2D survey, planned 9000 km in 2020.

  • New Agreement with ANPG Angola for Multi-Client 2D surveys, 21,000 km in advance of the current and future scheduled Bid Rounds and Multi-Client 3D surveys over Blocks 46, 47 and 31.

  • Support for the 2020 Senegal Licensing Round and the acquisition of 13,000 sq. km of new 3D on newly designated blocks in partnership with TGS.

  • New Agreement with INP Mozambique for technical support for the 2020 6th Licensing Round and brokerage of existing 2D and 3D legacy datasets.

GeoPartners Principals

Elwyn Jones

Founder and Director of GeoPartners Limited. Previously held roles include Senior Vice-President of the CGGVeritas Data Library from 1997 to 2009, Vice-President of PetroAlliance/Western Geophysical's Marine division from 1995 to 1997, President of DG Seis/Caspian Geophysical and Digicon Exploration Limited from 1993 to 1995 and 1989 to 1993, respectively.

Jim Gulland

Founder and Director of GeoPartners Limited. Previously held roles include Geophysical Operations Management in Shell from 1985 to 1999, Business Development roles in Western Geophysical, Veritas DGC Limited and CGGVeritas. Experience includes previous Licensing Round in South Africa, Namibia and Gabon.

John Church

John Church is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience across a variety of industries, having worked with both small and large companies in the private and quoted arenas. He became involved in the oil and gas industry in 2008 and joined GeoPartners in 2009. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Zyg Sarnowski

Founder of ZBS GeoProjects Ltd, a company specialising in geoscience business development. In a career spanning over 35 years previously held New Ventures Exploration roles with Burmah Oil, Chevron, Arco and ENI. More recently held MultiClient roles including Head of Multi-Client for Fugro-Geoteam and Global MC2D Manager for PGS.

Marc Guillon

Founder of MGGS bv, a company specializing in MC Seismic Models in cooperation with National Oil Companies and Ministries in Africa. Marc has previously held senior Business Development roles with Dolphin, BOS and PGS, with extensive experience in West Africa.

Alan Tidey

Over 40 years in the seismic contracting industry with a seismic processing background. Opened Horizon’s processing centre in Australia which became one of the country’s most successful. Scott Pickford Processing Director expanding from a start-up of 3 staff to over 30 in 3 years. Experience of land survey design. Land and transition zone on-crew processing. Most recent years engaged in Multi-client activity, launching 4 new African surveys in the past 6 years.

Alessandro Colla

Founder of TROIS Geoconsulting BV an exploration consultancy based in The Netherlands, focusing on sub-Sahara Africa. Previously held several international management and business development positions with Aerodat, Scintrex, PGW and Fugro in Canada, South America (Chile, Brasil) and Europe (Spain, Netherlands). Former, Regional Geomarket Director for Sub Sahara Africa for the CGG Group, based in The Hague, Netherlands from 2013-2019. Recent Experience includes several large seismic programs in Gabon, Angola, Cote d’Ivoire and Mozambique.