North Celtic Sea 2015

North Celtic Sea 2015 (NCS2015)

The survey was acquired in 2015 and is mostly located in the Irish North Celtic Sea and St Georges Channel. This area of the Celtic Sea and UK Western Approaches is underexplored at pre-Cretaceous levels and shows promise, especially within the Jurassic and Triassic sequences, which few wells have penetrated. There is a proven Liassic source rock and potential reservoirs include the Triassic Sherwood sandstone and Jurassic limestone and sandstone. Locally the Carboniferous could provide a gas source from coal measures and a potential oil source from the Bowland shale, as in the Morecambe Bay Hamilton field.

Key Well Ties

  • UK 106/24-1 which had live oil shows in Middle Jurassic Bathonian limestones and sandstones.

  • IRL 49/9-2 Helvick oil discovery which flowed light oil (44° API) at a cumulative rate of c. 10,000 bopd from Middle Jurassic Bathonian limestones and Upper Jurassic sandstones.

  • UK 103/1-1 Dragon gas condensate discovery which flowed at a rate of 21 mmscfd from Upper Jurassic sandstones.

  • UK 107/21-1 with 400 feet of Jurassic Sand.

  • UK 103/2-1 with 400 feet of Triassic Sherwood sand.


  • Streamer Length: 8,000 m

  • Cable Depth: Broadband

  • Source Volume: 4910

  • Source Depth: Broadband

  • Record Length: 9.5 sec


  • Pre-Stack Time Migrated Stacks

  • Angle Stacks

  • Gathers


  • GeoPartners

  • MAGE

  • DUG

  • TGS

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