Q44 Lodestone 3D

Q44 Lodestone 3D

Lodestone is located in and around UK Quadrant 44, providing state-of-the-art long-offset acquisition and processing in a sector where the Cygnus field is being developed and where numerous Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic fields are currently producing.

Lodestone provides improved pre-salt imaging, enabling the precise mapping of fault compartments of the Permian/Carboniferous reservoirs with an emphasis on demultiple in the processing sequence. Due to the long-offset acquisition, the survey provides high-quality seismic data for AVO analysis of post-salt reservoir targets. 

Lodestone provides full 3D seismic coverage of the 2Tcf Cygnus gas discovery for the first time and covers missed-pay discoveries within the area and a number of marginal fields requiring precise reserve estimates for future development. 


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