Seep Survey

Suriname Seep Survey

GeoPartners, in partnership with TROIS Geoconsulting, are pleased to announced the mobilisation of a Piston Core, Heatflow and Seep Sampling Survey offshore Suriname on behalf of government partners Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname.

The 44,000 multi-client program, which has industry support, will be acquired by TDI Brooks, who operate the R/V Gyre vessel. Data acquisition is expected to commence on approximately 15th July 2024, for a duration of approximately 16 weeks. 

The survey will detect potential hydrocarbon seeps emanating from the seabed and then target them for seabed coring. The piston core samples collected will be analysed to reveal the valuable geochemical data, including the source of any potential seep. 

Full results are expected Q1-2025. Interested parties are invited to join the programme with early participants able to influence preferred core locations and areas for coverage. 

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