MSGBC Basin Deep Regional 2D 2017

In November 2016, in cooperation with TGS and PGS, the acquisition of new long-offset broadband 2D seismic data commenced in the offshore area of Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau and the AGC joint exploration zone between Guinea Bissau and Senegal. More than 12,000km of ultra-long offset data was acquired together with magnetic and gravity data. A 12 km deep-tow streamer was utilised to record high quality broadband 2D seismic data, providing the sub-surface imaging required for the pre-rift, syn-rift and post-rift plays evident in this basin.

Following completion of Phase 1, a further Phase 2 was completed to seamlessly complement the previous acquisition. This expansion was undertaken in cooperation with Petrosen in Senegal and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Gambia. The investment was also undertaken together with TGS and PGS. More than 11,000km of ultra-long offset data was acquired in Phase 2 together with magnetic and gravity data.

The new data infills, extends and complements existing legacy 2D data and will provide a comprehensive basin-wide survey in this current exploration hot spot in the MSGBC basin of NW Africa.


  • Streamer Length: 12,000 m

  • Cable Depth: Broadband

  • Source Volume: 4310 cu.in

  • Source Depth: Broadband

  • Record Length: 14 sec continuous recording


  • Pre-Stack Time Migrated Stacks

  • Pre-Stack Depth Migrated Stacks

  • Angle Stacks

  • Gathers

  • Gravity and Magnetics


  • GeoPartners

  • TGS

  • PGS

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