JAAN 3D 2018

Jaan is a fully harmonized 3D dataset over the southern portion of the MSGBC Basin and will enable a holistic interpretation of currently the highest profile area in African exploration.

The final survey area will provide 3D data from The Gambia, through southern Senegal and the AGC zone, into Guinea-Bissau down to the Guinea transform fault.

New data is being acquired utilising triple source broadband acquisition parameters, covering the prospective paleoshelf edge trend from the shallow to the deep. Once complete the final Jaan 3D volume will be over 28,000 sq.km.

The final Jaan volume will consist of over 11,000 sq.km of new 2018 data acquisition, complemented by the reprocessing and full pre-stack merging of existing Multi-Client 3D data along the trend. This new processing will produce extensive time and depth migrated broadband volumes, enabling a completely unified derisking exploration tool for taking leads and prospects to drill ready targets.


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