Gambia A2 & A5 3D

Gambia Blocks A2 & A5 3D 2015

The 1500 sq. km survey is located in The Gambia’s offshore Casamance-Bissau Sub-basin, in the southern part of the greater Senegal Basin, immediately adjacent to the Cairn operated Sangomar and Sangomar Deep blocks in Senegal where the world class SNE-1 and FAN-1 oil discoveries in Cretaceous aged sandstones have opened up a new oil-prone fairway with multiple play types.

Resource estimates (FAR source) for SNE post completion of the SNE-3 and SNE-4 wells suggest 2C contingent reserves of 641 mmbls, with further resource revisions expected following the full analysis of the recently drilled SNE-5 and SNE-6 wells. The SNE play clearly extends south into The Gambia where prospects with up to 500mmbo potential recoverable resources have been defined by the operator(FAR source).

Screening of the data has identified a number of both structural and stratigraphic leads on trend with the SNE discoveries, providing numerous opportunities for reduced risk play-based exploration in this proven hydrocarbon province.


  • Streamer Length: 8,100 m

  • Cable Depth: Broadband

  • SPI: 18.75 m

  • Source Depth: Broadband

  • Record Length: 12 sec continuous recording


  • Pre-Stack Time Migrated Stacks

  • Pre-Stack Depth Migrated Stacks

  • Angle Stacks

  • Gathers


  • GeoPartners

  • Polarcus

  • Gambia Ministry of Petroleum & Energy

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