AGC Brokered Data

AGC Brokered Survey Data

In cooperation with the Agence de Gestion et de Coopération entre le Sénégal et la Guinée Bissau (AGC) and in partnership with MGGS, GeoPartners can offer a comprehensive package of modern and legacy 2D and 3D seismic over the AGC offshore area, providing compelling analogues to the SNE and Fan discoveries to the north in Senegal.


  • AGC Shallow 3D: 870 km² (2012)

  • AGC Profond Cheval Marin Brokered 3D: 2985 km² (2001) 5100 m streamer length

  • AGC Dome Flore Brokered 3D: 209 km² (2002)

  • AGC Profond Croix du Sud Brokered 3D: 1481 km² (2003) 6000 m streamer length


  • CHEV01: 1541 km (2001)

  • CDS01: 1180 km (2001)

  • VERSEN83: 130 km (1983)

Deliverables (survey dependent)

  • Pre-Stack Time Migrated Stacks

  • Pre-Stack Depth Migrated Stacks

  • Angle Stacks

  • Field Data

  • Navigation Data


  • GeoPartners

  • MGGS

  • AGC

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