Namibia 2D

Namibia Lüderitz Basin 2D 2013

Two Multi-Client surveys acquired in the Lüderitz Basin to highlight the contrasting exploration potential in this frontier basin. The survey in the Northern area covers Blocks 2413B, 12B and explores the full potential from shelf to deep offshore for structural and stratigraphic plays. The survey in the Eastern area of the Lüderitz Basin explores the Drift and Syn-Rift potential of this inshore block.

  • Acquisition and processing of 2750km of high quality long offset Broadband 2D data

  • Full interpretation and prospect inventory

  • Pre-Stack Time Migration reprocessing and Pre-Stack Depth Migration processing proposal now in progress


  • Streamer Length: 8,000 m

  • Cable Depth: Broadband

  • Source Volume: 4500

  • Source Depth: 7m

  • Record Length: 9.5 sec


  • Pre-Stack Time Migrated Stacks

  • Angle Stacks

  • Gathers


  • GeoPartners

  • DUG

  • TGS

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